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Pianist, Organist, Drummer, Composer, Arranger
"What I enjoy best is playing music"…"I am a musician, who happens to be blind…I have been blessed with a God given gift and my prayer is that I can continue to be a blessing and inspiration to others."


 Mix at Six - Harris Theater - Chicago, IL                December 9, 2019


Amateur Night Holiday Special - NY, NY               December 14, 2019 


NYC Winter Jazzfest - NY, NY                                   January 10, 2020                 

Capital Jazz Super Cruise - Caribbean               January 16-21, 2020

Brooks Ctr for the Performing Arts - Clemson, SC  January 23, 2020

Acadiana Performing Arts Ctr - Lafayette, LA         January 25, 2020

Washington Performing Arts Ctr - Wash., DC         February 29, 2020











Endorsed Artist
Endorsed Artist

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photo Credit: r r jones