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Pianist, Organist, Drummer, Composer, Arranger
"What I enjoy best is playing music"…"I am a musician, who happens to be blind…I have been blessed with a God given gift and my prayer is that I can continue to be a blessing and inspiration to others."


National Sawdust Digital Discovery festival            August 13, 2020

Summer Concerts on the Hudson                            August 26, 2020

White Plains Virtual Jazz Festival                     September 11, 2020

Central Jersey Jazz Festival                              September 13, 2020

When Tidewater Talks                                       September 21, 2020

DC JazzFest                                                       September 26, 2020

Exit 0 Jazz Festival                                                   October 3, 2020

Cal Performances                                                 November 5, 2020

The ASCAP Foundation Honors 2020                   December 8, 2020

Arts Across America                                             December 9, 2020

South Beach Jazz Festival                                       January 8, 2021











Endorsed Artist
Endorsed Artist

Eyewear by Vuarnet

photo Credit: r r jones